Magnetic Separation

Plate & Chute Magnets



High Intensity Rare Earth Plate Magnets

High Intensity Rare Earth Plate Magnets are commonly used in industry for the purpose of equipment protection against tramp metal or for screenings of product for unwanted metal contamination for quality assurance.

Magnet Type: High Intensity Rare Earth Magnets otherwise known as Neodymium iron boron.

Rare Earth Plate magnet sizes and configurations can be custom built to suit individual requirements.

Plate Magnets are normally constructed in 304 St/St and finished to sanitary standards.

Detailed GA Drawings and installation instructions are available on request.

Hinges and handles can be fitted for the purpose of easy installation.

Typically used in Food, Milling, Pharmaceutical and Plastics industries

Models & Specifications


Chute Magnets and Pipe Magnets


Chute Magnets and Pipe Magnets are fitted with very powerful permanent magnetic plate doors.

Typical installations are in vertical down pipes and chutes.

Application is typically for Separation of ferrous contamination from raw materials.

These magnets are used most commonly in food, animal feed and plastics industries.

Apart from manual cleaning requirement, these magnets are maintenance free and extremely effective for tramp iron removal.


Hump Magnets

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Hump Magnets are fitted with permanent magnetic plate doors.

These Hump Magnets are easy to clean, and allow for relatively high product flow rates.

Application: Separation of ferrous contamination from dry materials.

Can be fitted in round, rectangular and square down pipes / chutes.

Square to round adapter chute for pipeline applications are available and can be made to suite customer specific sizes.

Typically used in food, animal feed industries