Lifting & Handling Magnets

Lifting Magnets

Magnet Types: Permanent Lifting Magnet, Electro Lifting Magnets, Bio-polar Magnets, Battery operated Electro Lifting Magnets

Application: Used singularly, in tandem or in conjunction with spreader beams, our lifting magnets are a solution to a diverse range of metal lifting problems involving:

  • Steel plate
  • Block plate
  • Block or round steel
  • Iron material
  • Machine parts

Our battery operated lifting magnets provide more specialised solutions to lifting problems.

Typically used in Mining, Engineering, Construction, Foundry, Steel Works, Materials Handling and Profile/Plasma Cutting Industry

The units are manufactured using high strength Neo magnets ensuring safe lifting operations.

Technical advice and on site application advice

Lifting ranges: 300 kg, 600 kg, 1000 kg, 2000 kg and 3000 kg

Bi-Polar Lifting Magnet

Various Electro Lifting Magnets


Battery Operated Lifting Magnets

Power Supply For Electro-Magnets

Billet Lifting Magnet


Application: Our range of Plate and Billet Lifting Magnets caters extensively for the steel manufacturing, merchant and engineering industries

Magnets are custom designed and speciality designs include the following:

  • Large slab handling units
  • Hot billet handling operations
  • Multiple spreader beam systems for large plate handling operations
  • Battery back-up systems for fail safe critical lift and release operations

Lifting capacities: Up to 25000 kg

Round Bar Lifting Magnets

Application: Suitable for the screening of material and product to extract ferrous contamination.

Units are normally suspended above the flow to ensure product quality and protect production machinery such as shredders, mills, packing equipment, etc.