Magnetic Separation

Overbelt Magnets

Our Overbelt magnets are the solution to the continuous removal of tramp iron and ferrous contamination from a diverse range of conveyed materials.

Magnet Type: Permanent magnet or Electro-magnetic models available

Application: Separation of ferrous contamination from raw materials, especially suitable for suspension above conveyor belts.

Self cleaning systems for applications with high tramp metal content

Manual cleaning with stripper plate models are available.

Typically used in Animal Feed, Aggregate, and Mining Industry

Locally manufactures and custom built to best suit customer specific design criteria

Features include:

Robust design
Thermo-dynamically designed
Low maintenance costs
Deep field high magnetic gradient design


Rating 2.5 kW up to 36 kW
Belt width : 450 mm up to 2000 mm
Belt speeds: Up to 4.5 m/s

Overbelt Suspended Magnet With Manual Cleaning Tray

Overbelt Magnet Installations

Suspended Electro-Magnet

Self-cleaning Permanent Suspended Magnet

Manual Cleaning Suspended Magnets

Self-cleaning Suspended Electro-Magnets

Power Supply For Electro-Magnets

Stripper Plate

Manual Cleaning Suspended Magnets