Magnetic Separation

Magnetic Pulleys

Our magnetic pulleys give continuous protection against tramp iron and fine ferrous metal fillings.

Magnet Type: Permanent magnet and Electro-magnetic pulleys

Application: Separation of ferrous contamination from raw materials, especially in applications where a high volume of tramp metal removal demands self cleaning systems

Used as either drive head or tail pulleys on belt conveyors, they provide the essential protection for in-line machinery and purification of the materials being processed.

Typically used in Animal Feed, Aggregate, and Food and Mining Industry


Electro-magnetic – up to 10 kW

Radial and axial pole configuration

Unique design with replaceable / removable shaft configuration

Constructed with heavy duty St/St outer shell

Custom built and designed to suit individual customer requirements


Diameters: 155 mm up to 1400 mm 
Face length: up to 2500 mm