Springs And Rubbers


Type SLF spring mounts are single and open spring mounts for rated loads from 20kg up to 950kg with a maximum of 25mm deflection and our standard for all high efficiency installations. This is a bare spring design with a good ratio between the diameter and the working height to ensure lateral stability.

These mounts shall be free standing and laterally stable without any housing and complete with an acoustical rubber cup between the base plate and the support.

All of the springs are designed so as not to exceed the elastic limit when the coils are closed up and the springs are compressed solid. This prevents damage when the springs are overloaded and assures a return to the spring’s free height.

These mounts have levelling bolts that must be rigidly bolted to the equipment. The ratio of the spring diameter divided by the compressed spring height shall be no less than 80%. Springs shall have a minimum additional travel to solid equal to 50% of the rated deflection.

SLF mounts of the proper deflection are recommended for all vibration control application where it is not necessary to cope with weight removal or seismic and wind problems.

The Type SLFH spring mounts are identical to the style SLF except for having holes in the base to allow for bolting to the structure. It is strongly recommended that you use the type SLF unless the SLFH must be used because of elevated installations on steel beams, etc.






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