Springs And Rubbers


The DRD type mounts have al low axial and radial stiffness rate. Their design makes them ideal for those machines that produce vibrations in the 3 directions. The architecture of these mounts is similar to the DSD, but the rubber section is greater, this feature makes them have a lower stiffness rates than the DSD mounts. These mounts are particularly interesting for those applications where an extra isolation is needed.


The design of the mount allows an easy installation. The top metal part has an inside thread for securing to the machine, the baseplate has 2/4 holes that allow an easy fixation to the frame. Oil anti-drip hoods can be supplied on demand.


The DRD mounts are ideal for light machines at medium or low excitation frequencies.

• Compressors
• Air-conditioners
• Ventilators
• Vibrating Tables



Rubber Mounts

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