Lifting & Handling Magnets

Magnetic Sweepers

Hand operated or trailer towed versions are used for screening factory floors and roadways to collects ferrous objects.

This is particularly useful in screening yards to preventing costly puncture repairs in the road freight industry.

Applications: Engineering shop – swarf collection, factory floors, yards and roadways.

Sizes: 600 mm up to 2200 mm wide

Magnetic Sweeper Broom Type:

600mm Wide x 110mm magnet face

Fitted with 2 x wheels and handle

Detachable handle for transport purposes

Easy to clean lever action

Magnetic Sweeper Bar Type:

Magnetic Sweeper Bar for suspension behind forklift

Size: 1000mm L x 225mm W x 150mm High

Assembly: Construction with 304 St/St Cladding

Weight: 165kg

Can be fitted with Eyebolts or Brackets for easy suspension

Effective Reach ± 100mm – 150mm

Heavy Duty Forklift Type:

Size: 1200mm L x 700mm W x 150mm High

Assembly: Construction in 304 St/St Cladding

Weight: ± 260kg

Fitted with Suspension Brackets for Forklift Applications

Effective Reach Maximum ± 200mm

This unit is fitted with a stainless steel tray and handle for easy cleaning

Heavy duty sweeper unit than can be fitted onto the forklift legs for sweeping larger areas.

Usually utilized in scrap yards or large factory premises.


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