Sivtek Vibrator Sifters

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SIVTEK Self Cleaning Filter

Filtration of Solid Contaminants from Liquid

Get Contamination free liquids & improve productivity!

The SIVTEK Self Cleaning Filter is designed specifically to address the challenges associated with filtering your materials in process industries. It works on principle of the pressure exerted by a fluid is inversely proportional to its flow velocity and that the sum of velocity and pressure in flowing fluids is constant. It works better than the traditional Industrial Strainer by automatically cleaning the mesh basket.




Featured Benefits

Reduces energy cost

Consumption of power is reduced due to the pressure drops and flow rates prevailing in the filter. Which also indicates increase in the profit margins due to reduction in energy costs.

Extends media life

With necessary discipline and proper maintenance of the media it can extent its working up to 4-5 years more. However manual cleaning or media replacement may required to remove the collected muck.

Cost effective

Sivtek self cleaning filter is cheap and can be affordable easily assures more output in less space and with the lower running cost.

No regular maintenance

This filter does not requires cleaning or maintenance regularly it can also work with less but proper maintenance and thus reduction in maintenance cost.

Assures optimum filtration

Filter works efficiently without any chaos and the production line runs smoothly without any rundowns.




Model Control System(ft.^2) Housing Diameter (A) Housing Mounting (B) Service Height (C) Inlet & Outlet Diameter (D) Distance between Inlet & Outlet (F) Total Volumetric Capacity Solids Capacity (Minimum) Flow Rate Range at 100 Micron Pressure (Maximum) Screen Area
SF 1600 ELECTRO PNEUMATIC 203 mm 1000 mm X 710 mm 2790 mm 3 Inches 800 mm 35 liters 0.83 liters 1833 litres/min 10 bar / 145 PSI 0.44 M2
SF 800 ELECTRO PNEUMATIC 203 mm 650 mm 1910 mm 3 Inches 427 mm 16.5 liters 0.83 liters 1116 litres/min 10 bar / 145 PSI 0.22 M2
SF 500 ELECTRO PNEUMATIC 132.5 mm 501 mm 1557 mm 1.5 Inches 417 mm 7.5 liters 0.65 liters 750 litres/min 10 bar / 145 PSI 0.16 M2

Note: The above sketch is for reference which is inclusive of optional accessories and extra sieve decks.

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